Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Quinnipiac Poll: Voters Disapprove Of Cuomo's Handling Of Education, 59%-30%

Yesterday Quinnipiac released a poll showing Governor Andrew Cuomo's job approval rating had fallen to his lowest level ever in that poll - 44%

Cuomo is also at lows in two other polls - the Siena (41%-59%) and Marist (37-59%)

Today Quinnipiac released more from the poll that shows how unpopular most of the Cuomo agenda is:

ALBANY—New Yorkers aren’t happy with Governor Andrew Cuomo on education, and they don't want Mayor Bill de Blasio to retain control of schools in the five boroughs, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday.

By a 59 percent to 30 percent margin, voters disapproved of Cuomo's handling of education, while 54 percent of those questioned said they trusted teachers’ unions more than the governor to improve schools.

Cuomo’s specific education reform proposals are even more unpopular. About 69 percent of respondents said teacher pay should not be based on students’ standardized test scores, and 65 percent said tenure should not be based on tests.

There's more:

Voters are also sour on the state’s standardized testing requirements.

A slight majority, 51 percent, think students should be able to refuse standardized tests, compared to 45 percent who said students should be required to take the exams.

In addition, the poll found, 64 percent of those questioned said tests aren’t an accurate way of measuring student learning.

Only two parts of Cuomo's reform agenda had support in the Q poll - the charter cap (53%-39% said it should be increased) and tax credits for education.

Cuomo's pushed through most of his education reform agenda successfully and I suspect he'll get more of it before everything is done in two weeks - the charter cap will likely get an increase and there's an outside chance the heavy hearts in the Assembly will cave on part or all of thee ducation tax credit.

But Cuomo's paying a political price for imposing his agenda - it's not a mistake that he's at "historic" (one of his favorite words) lows in three different polls (the Quinnipiac, the Marist and the Siena poll.)

He grows weaker by the week,with corruption charges in Albany taking a toll on him, his education agenda taking a toll on him and weariness with his "My Way Or The Highway" approach taking a toll on him.

No wonder he's going after Scheiderman in a very public way.

He's scared for his political life.

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  1. Crazy internal inconsistency in these polls. While people strongly dislike Cuomo handling of education his proposals (EITC, Cheater Schools, etc.). That shows that the big dollar hedge fund and their advertisements are having an impact. The Goebbels strategy is working for the wealthy advocates of these programs!