Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Expect Lawsuits If Cuomo's Education Tax Credit Passes

So say opponents, according to Capitol Confidential:

Amid reports that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is looking to link his Education Tax Credit with renewal of rent control laws a phalanx of civil liberties groups along with members of the Assembly Democrats and the state’s Education Establishment said that they’ll be in court if the credit passes.

The credit is “an end run around the constitutional principle that bars the state from endorsing religion,” charged the NY Civil Liberties Union.

NYCLU members along with Andy Palotta of New York State United Teachers, Billy Easton, from the Alliance for Quality Education, Amrita Singh of Americans United for Separation of Church and State as well as Barbara Zaron of Reform Jewish Voices, spoke against the idea, which would provide tax credits for those who contribute to private/parochial school scholarships.

“This bill raises serious constitutional questions,” said Wendy Lecker of the Education Law Center.

In addition to worries about breaking the separation of church and state, opponents said they also worried about what they said were unanswered questions about details of the plan, and what they say is the lack of transparency that would follow money going to privately run schools, which wouldn’t have to open their books or disclose other pieces of financial data as do public schools.

Unanswered questions about details of the plan and a lack of transparency for where the money will go?

Sounds just like Cuomo's teacher evaluation system and charter funding.

Cuomo has tried to link the tax credit to the extension of rent regulations in New York City, but there has been heavy pushback on that linkage and so far, it has come to naught.

But if it does pass, the lawsuits will start immediately.


  1. this is a first amendment loser unless the crowd at kiryas joel weighs in. If they do, then it will sail through.

  2. Kiryas Joel and 68% of the population of Rockland County. There won't be an East Ramapo Central School District if this goes through.