Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, June 12, 2015

Leonard Litwin "Thanks" Andrew Cuomo For His Support

From the Observer:

The Alliance for Tenant Power, a left-leaning pro-tenant group, is circulating a meme and quote parodying Mr. Cuomo’s ties to scandal-scarred Glenwood Management. The meme portrays Glenwood’s 100-year-old founder, Leonard Litwin, raising a martini glass and smiling like Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2013 film The Great Gatsby.

Mr. Litwin is “thanking” Mr. Cuomo for calling for the straight renewal of a controversial real estate tax break known as 421a. Many progressives, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, want 421a reformed or scrapped altogether.

“The world’s upper class can sigh in relief. A straight extender on 421-a is exactly what we paid for. We know that billionaires want a 50’ lap pool and their tax break as well. Thanks to the Governor we will deliver nothing less,” reads the parody quote from Mr. Litwin. Alliance for Tenant Power noted the quote was delivered “from the stone whirlpool spa in his main penthouse.”

The meme arrived in the form of a press release from a fake gmail account for Charles Dorego, Mr. Dorego is Glenwood’s senior vice president.

Dorego is "cooperating witness-1" in the corruption case against former state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son Adam.

This is a parody, but like all good jokes, it's got truth at the center of it.

Cuomo's making as if the deadline for getting 421-a reforms snuck up on him, but the truth is, he and the legislature knew this was coming and chose not to do anything about it.

So now Sheriff Andy says a straight extender of the tax giveaway is the best way to go - and of course that benefits Leonard Litwin and all of Cuomo's real estate donors and buddies.

You bet Litwin and Company will be happy if they get a straight extender to the 421-a program with no changes - and they'll "thank" Governor Cuomo and the legislators who give them that straight extender.

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