Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Was Cuomo Partly Responsible For The Prison Break?

Fred LeBrun:

Don't worry about the governor. He's got all the television face time on national news he could ever hope for. He just shines stage center as the man in charge whenever we have a disaster or calamity, a leveling hurricane or flood, train wreck or in this case, sexy prison break in the North Country.

A pair of convicted murderers on the loose, with the governor calling the race and doing the color commentary leading up to their expected recapture.

It is a lot more appealing for the governor's attention than the frustrations of dealing with the Great Albany Hesitancy over legislative matters,

We can only hope the governor remains as enthusiastic about sharing his views with the public when it's time to thoroughly investigate not just how the escapees managed to get out of the maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, but also what impact staff and overtime cuts and other factors dictated by his administration may have had on the event happening at all.

Be nice if the next time he goes on the media tour for the prison story, the press hit him hard on those questions.

But they won't.

Hell, according to NT2 blog, the Albany press corps didn't even cover Cuomo on his visit to Dannemora - they got pool coverage from the Cuomo press shop instead.

How do you like that?

Cuomo's PR people covering Cuomo and feeding the pictures and "news" out to the press corps.

That's one good way to make sure nobody really knows what happened.


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