Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

That'll Get Their Attention

NY Post report claims Assembly Dems are retaliating against the Catholic Church over the education tax credit the diocese has been pushing for:

Assembly Democrats, under pressure from the Catholic Church to pass a tax break to help parochial schools, on Monday revived a bill that would allow lawsuits involving decades-old claims of sexual abuse by priests.

“This is a retaliatory strike against the church,” Dennis Poust, spokesman for the New York State Catholic Conference, told The Post.

“We haven’t heard a whisper about this bill in six years .

“If this bill becomes law, it will have catastrophic consequences for the church — and they know it,” Poust added.

The legislation, sponsored by Assemblywoman Margaret Markey (D-Queens), would wipe out a law giving accusers up to five years to file suit once they reach 18. But after that period, lawsuits are barred.

The new law would allow anyone to sue going back decades for one year after the measure is enacted.

There's no way the state Senate or Cuomo will go for the bill, so it's really just a measure to try and embarrass the Church for hiding behind the statute of limitations on some sexual abuse charges.

The Church and other pro-tax credit groups have been playing hardball with the education tax credit PR, claiming Assembly Dems who oppose it are hurting children, so you can see why some Assembly Dems might want to hit back with "Hurting children? How about all those sexual abuse charges you hid for years?" attack.

It's brutal, but so are some of those pro-education tax credit ads getting run against Assembly Dems.

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