Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cathie Black Talks To Hearst Employees To Learn About City Schools

This is her plan to get to know the school system:

Since Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg nominated her, Ms. Black has visited six public schools, which is a start (the city has 1,600). And she is doing her own research, starting with employees at Hearst.

“I just sent an e-mail out to a bunch of people at work whose kids go to the public school,” Ms. Black said in an interview after she had made the rounds. “I want to put a small group of parents together; I want to hear what’s on their minds. Granted, they’re probably Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights and the Upper West Side, but it’s a start.”

Oh, yeah - that's a start.

And I bet it's also where she finishes too.

But I guess in a way that is progress.

Because up until now, she's only heard from people on the Upper East Side who live in townhouses.

Given that demographic, talking to parents who work corporate jobs and live in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights is almost like slumming.


  1. She is really going to keep on saying more stupid stuff that will eventually sink her nail in the coffin.

    I already see another "Sarah Palin" in the works.

    So far, I think I have counted at least 4 'genius' comments from Black.

  2. MissGingie, Can you tell the "genius" comments you have seen from Black. I might have missed one or two and I want to collect and collate them all, like Joel Klein's beloved data so that I can do one monster post with all the stupid shit Black has said.


  3. sure. no problem. Would you like me to e-mail them to you or just post them publicly?

  4. I think just post them here. I keep meaning to create an email for the blog. I guess I really do need to do that!