Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Hurricane Last Week, Snow This Week

But there's no climate change, right?

As of early Wednesday morning, roughly 676,000 were still without power in the Northeast.  This is a remarkable drop from the peak of roughly 8.6 million one week ago.  Sadly, 112 have been confirmed dead from Sandy in the U.S., including Puerto Rico. 

Now, a coastal storm, known as a nor'easter, is poised to bring yet more high winds, rain, coastal flooding, even snow to parts of the Northeast.

Mandatory evacuations have been issued for sections of Brick Township in New Jersey - residents living low lying waterfront areas are asked to take shelter by 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Four healthcare facilities in the Rockaways region of New York City have also been evacuated, as a precaution to protect the health and safety of residents and staff.  The facilities include three nursing homes: Park Nursing Home (181 residents), Ocean Promenade Nursing Center (91 residents) and Peninsula Center for Extended Care and Rehabilitation (180 residents), as well as one adult care center, Surfside Manor Home for Adults (173 residents).

At least this time, they're evacuating the healthcare facilities in Rockaway.

There's a chance there could be snow in the city tonight.

Heavy winds too.

But there's no climate change.

No extreme weather.

Just another normal couple of weeks - tropical weather one week, winter weather the next.


  1. I totally love your work here at Perdido- but I think climate change (formerly Global Warming) is a scare tactic with offered solutions that will benefit the Goldman Sachs of the world. It will be all about cap and trade. The small amount of real global warming is being driven by the sun. I know that makes you think I am a nut job, or worse, but I am a long time environmentalist. The science is actually very divided. And scientific institutions are extremely corruptible- witness the GMO catastrophe and all the lies coming out defending Monsanto. Look of the recent flap over Giles Seralini (independent scientist who released the last tumour-ridden GMO study)- he was excoriated by many other scientists, all known flaks for bio-tech big shots. And if Bloomberg is for it...he does nothing and says nothing unless it enriches his psycho ass

    1. I agree with you that scientific institutions are extremely corruptible. Witness the "science" around VAM. Whosoever funds the institution often gets the findings he/she/it wants And there's no doubt that Wall Street and GS are finagling to make money off this too. And yet, the weather is just so extreme these days - warmest July on record, record drought, Hurricane Sandy moves northwest late in October (first time ever that a tropical storm has done that move that late in the year) and now snow a week later. I dunno - it really feels like something is happening here. But I would agree that the neo-liberals will use this to make money and enslave the rest of us. That's what they do.

      As for Bloomberg, I love how he's a "hero" on climate change. Has not one but two SUV's idling wherever he goes, owns seven large homes, flies around in a plane every weekend - but he's a hero on climate change. What a joke that is!