Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bloomberg Urges Storm Victims To Move To "Warming Centers"

The AP says our Little Mayor is very worried about storm victims now that cold weather is here and there is the possibility for snow on Wednesday:

With temperatures dipping into the 30s overnight and close to 700,000 homes and businesses in New York City, its northern suburbs and Long Island still without electricity six days after the storm, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned that many homes are becoming uninhabitable and that tens of thousands of people are going to need other places to stay.

Over the weekend, the city opened warming shelters in areas without power and Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged elderly people without heat to move to them. The city also began handing out 25,000 blankets to those who insisted on staying in their homes.

“Please, I know sometimes people are reticent to take advantage of services. The cold really is something that is dangerous,” Bloomberg said.

Oh, do you mean "services" like the storm evacuation center you set up at Graphic Arts High School, the one with the human feces in the cafeteria, the drunken homeless men fighting over a donation of clean underwear and terrorizing tourists in the shelter, the psychopath who punched his infant and had to be tackled by eight security guards, and the rest of the horror show they had there?

Yeah, I can see why people might be "reticent" to take advantage of services like this.

Your track record on setting up city shelters, storm shelters, and warming shelters isn't so great, Mr. Mayor

Maybe if it was the NYC Marathon or the NRA, you'd give it some attention and focus.

But as things stand now, I completely understand the "reticence" of people from taking you up on your "warming centers."


  1. How can anyone trust a mayor who says "reticent" when he means "reluctant?"

  2. Even scarier to me is a mayor who urges citizens to go to shelters that are as horrific as the one at Graphic Arts as described by both NY1 and the Daily News.

    And yet, the Mike Lupicas of the world are still declaring him a managerial genius for his handling of the storm response.

    What has to happen for the press to finally turn on him?

    If this were Ray Nagin or David Dinkins, you can be sure they would have turned already.

    But our billionaire media mogul mayor is treated, at least so far, with kid gloves.

  3. It's known as The Great Ass Lick...

  4. ....28 Billion dollars worth.