Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What A Difference Four Years Makes

In 2008, I stayed up late into the night watching the election coverage.

This year, I won't be watching it at all.

I voted Green today.

No Obama for me.

No pro-privatization, pro-hedge fundie, pro-drone bomber for me.

And tonight, I really don't care who wins.

Obam, Romney - what's the difference?

Think about all the things that haven't changed since we elected Mr. Change We Can Believe In Man.

Bailouts for bankers?

Still the same.

Tax cuts for wealthy people, austerity for the rest?

Still the same.

Surveillance state being used against American citizens?

Even worse under Obama than it was under Bush.

Bloodthirsty foreign policy?

Ask the drone bomb victims how better things are under Obama.

Oh, wait - you can't.

They're all dead and Obama is thumping his cock on the ground and pounding his chest like a tough guy over it all - just like Bush and Cheney.

Why do you think they lick their lips as they leak this stuff to the NY Times?

But what about torture?  Is that still going on?

Just ask Bradely Manning about that.

Kill list?

Oh, yeah - Obama 's got one of those.

Sorry, folks, but it doesn't matter who wins tonight - at all.

In the short term, an Obama win means things go from bad to worse to worst a little slower.

But he's still taking us to a very bad place - a neo-feudal, surveillance state.

Make no mistake about that.

So don't lose any sleep tonight over this election.

We live in a fake democracy and the results are all rigged for the 1%.

Whoever wins tonight, you and I and lose.

And forget the Supreme Court jive.

Have you seen who Obama put on the Supreme Court?

These aren't exactly the liberal justices I remember growing up.

When John Paul Stevens, the Ford appointee, retires as the most liberal justice on the court, you know something's really, really wrong.

So don't sweat it.

We're already fucked regardless.

If you don't believe that, just replay the last week of Sandy recovery and take a look at how much "they" care about you.


  1. The only place in New YOrk City that got the politicians' attention during the first week was Manhattan. All of the outer-boroughs were abandoned to the looters and the unmitigated forces of decay. Our government disgraced itself with yet another Katrina-like failure.

  2. I voted Green today too.

  3. It was Justice Party for me this year. Anderson is on the ballot in 15 states.

  4. I've been repeatedly told that my vote doesn't really count because it's New York State and due to the electoral college, that the state will go for Obama anyway. The electoral college itself is constitutional voter suppression!!