Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, November 4, 2012

National Journal: Bloomberg Takes On The NRA With SuperPAC Ad Buys

It is patently obvious that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is completely bored working on the Sandy storm recovery efforts.

He has spent an inordinate amount of time on other endeavors even as parts of NYC suffer without food, water, light, heat and supplies.

First there was the marathon, then there was the Obama endorsement, then the Bloomberg SuperPAC political work, and now comes word that he's working very hard to take on the NRA in this last year he is in office:

As New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg nears his final year as mayor, National Journal reports he is "laying the groundwork to become a one-man counterweight to one of the nation's most powerful lobbies: the National Rifle Association."

"In recent days, Bloomberg has used his massive wealth to wade into five House races in five different states, on behalf of candidates on both sides of the aisle. The common thread: Bloomberg is either backing candidates how are supportive of gun control measures, or trying to oust those who aren't, in his view. The late injection of millions in television ads and mailers has dramatically reshaped some of the contests, including one in California where Bloomberg's last-minute spending spree amounts to more than double what both candidates themselves have spent -- combined."

Notice the words "in recent days"in that story.

Bloomberg is doing this while he's ignoring the people who need help in Staten Island, Coney Island, the Rockaways and elsewhere.

It's like he has ADHD or something and just can't focus on the things that are most important to New Yorkers - like getting them food, water, power, heat, and supplies.

I don't understand this and I don't understand why there isn't a backlash to this.

Leave the damned politics alone, forget about he NRA for now, and help the people who need help in so many of the areas left devastated.

Stop giving money for ad buys and buy food, water, energy and supplies for people.

That would do a helluva lot more to help people than wading into politics across the country like he's doing.

Take your Bloomberg philanthropy people and put them to work on storm recovery efforts, not battles with the NRA.

Bloomberg has the power and the resources to do this.

He really does.

But that would mean he would have to actually care about people - and he doesn't.

What he cares about is getting attention, getting feted for taking on the NRA or global warming or whatever and being the center of attention.

But what else can one expect from a man so low in esteem that he has to emblazon everything he buys with his name on it: BLOOMBERG?

What a piece of diminished humanity our mayor is.



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  2. The sad reality is that people want and need guns to protect themselves from Bloomberg's autocratic over-reaching fascism, from looters during a crisis like hurricane Sandy, from the mismanagement of FEMA. A nation without the right to own arms would be in danger of being dictated to by autocrats. They would force people to limit their consumption of soda, the number of children they have, the size of their cars, the amount of ice cream they consume, etc.,etc. Boomberg doesn't want citizens to own guns. He wants to control every aspect of their lives and build his vision of the nanny state. Our founding fathers, in their wisdom, appreciated the dangers of autocratic, over-reaching governance.

  3. No, you're right, he doesn't care in the least about people. He thinks that causes like gun-control will give him national stature--and, maybe even immortality (of sorts)--sort of a monument to his greatness.

    1. Which is insane. At least at a time like this when people are literally freezing their asses off in burnt out houses. And as the anon above notes, there's little doubt Bloomberg wants to take guns away from people so that he can control them. I'm not a gun guy - don't own one, don't want to, don't much like them. But more and more, I see a guy like Bloomberg wants to make sure the only people with guns are his own personal army" as he calls the NYPD.