Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bloomberg Hears It From Manhattan Beach Residents

People are getting fed up with Herr Bloomberg's handling of the recovery efforts and he's starting to hear it from them:

More than a dozen angry residents confronted Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he visited a school in hard-hit Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn.

Mud from the storm is still piled like small snow banks in the street there.

The residents complained Monday about a continuing lack of power and heat, and about spoiled food in their refrigerators.

They also said they were afraid of burglaries.

The mayor told them the city is trying its hardest to solve all of the problems related to the storm.
He said residents can call 311 for directions to a center where they can get food and clothing.

Notice how he puts this into the impersonal third person - the city is doing the best it can.

As if he is not in charge of the city.

The Accountability Mayor sure does love to shirk accountability for his performance as mayor.

As the cold descends on the city, a lot of these people without power, with damaged homes, with no way to get to work like the people in the Rockaways (where the A train is out of commission for a while) - they're not going to let him skate on the accountability.


  1. Mayor Bloomberg,

    We, the citizens of New York City are tired of you. We are tired of your lack of competence. We are tired of you costly financial scandals. We are tired of the City Time scandal. We are tired of your 911 scandal. We want you fired. We voted twice for term limits because we don't trust you and your ilk. We don't think too much of your business skills. We find you to be a laughingstock's laughingstock. We enjoy seeing you mocked and ridiculed on Saturday Night Live becaus you deserve it.
    We don't respect your politically because you are politically tone deaf. You showed how insensitive and tone deaf you are by refusing to cancel the marathon until pressured to cancel it. You are a know-it-all who knows nothing about integrity and hard work. You are foreign to us, you are a closet Boston Red Sox fan in a city filled with Yankee fans and Mets fans. We don't like you! Get lost! Stay in Bermuda and don't return!

  2. More proof that Americans need to scrap the notion CEO's make good leaders in a system of checks and balances. They don't know how to build consensus or unite people. They give orders and make people cower for their jobs. Not useful skills in a people skill heavy gig like Mayoring NYC. Hoping this fool gets voted off the island.