Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, November 2, 2012

People Are Starting To Get Pissed

It's beginning to look like the Bloomberg Blizzard/Boxer Day 2010 mess all over again as Bloomberg becomes obsessed with getting the NYC Marathon going on Sunday and giving interviews for his Obama endorsement rather than helping get food, water and power to people hurt by Sandy.

The anger has been slowly building, but if relief does not come soon, it will explode:

Patience was wearing thin on Friday amid widespread gas shortages, chilly homes without electricity and long, snaking lines for everything from buses to food handouts as many parts of the New York City region struggled to recover from the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy

As more than one million New Yorkers continued to cope with power failures, even the planned New York City Marathon became a source of bitter derision when news emerged that generators being used by organizers could have served hundreds of residences on Staten Island, the borough that bore the brunt of the city’s casualties. Beyond irritation, some New Yorkers say the lack of power has made them fearful. 

“It’s terrible,” said Marilyn Smalls, who lives in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn. “Totally black. It’s dangerous.”


Some have questioned whether the volunteers for the annual marathon, scheduled for Sunday, could be better deployed to assist with disaster relief. The New York Post cover questioned its use of generators. Mr. Bloomberg said the race should go on, defending the response of his predecessor, Rudolph W. Giuliani, in the months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

“If you go back to 9/11, Rudy made the right decision in those days to run the marathon, and pull people together,” Mr. Bloomberg said. He said the marathon’s organizers were “running this race to help New York City, and the donations from all the runners in the club will be a great help for our relief efforts.” 

Earlier, when Mr. Cuomo was asked, he said that it was a decision better left to local officials, but that he understood “both sides.”

Cuomo threw Bloomberg under the bus on the NYC Marathon by refusing to unequivocably back him on the decision.

And Cuomo is right to do so.

It's ridiculous for Bloomberg to use Rudy's running of the race in 2001 as defense for his own decision.

The race in 2001 was months after 9/11, not days.

What a clueless, clueless man.

I wonder if Jason Farrago still thinks Bloomberg is doing such a great job now that's he's insisting running the NYC Marathon instead of using the extra resources, manpower and energy on helping people hurt by the flood?

Bloomberg needs to put an end to the damned race and focus on getting power back to ALL of New York City - including Coney Island, Staten Island, Queens.


  1. Now that the tide has receded, we are seeing that Le Emperor Bloomberg is swimming a la nude.

  2. Little mike - it isn't so easy performing miracles is it - yet you ask that of teachers. See the difference is, the teachers I know may not be able to overcome the tragedy of poverty and other socio economical issues, but we try and actually care. You having lunch at an Upper East Side Bistro while your city drowns, hungers and aches with tragedy and cold, your assanine decision to still carry on with a marathon and allowing the public to see the large unused generators to be seen on their way to the race, your utter lack of common sense decision to send teachers to work thus wasting literally thousands and thousands of gallons of gasoline for a day in which the overwhelming majority did absolutely nothing that could have easily been addressed via a simple email as well as your fake interest in the outer buroughs will forever cement you in many New Yorker's minds as a FAILURE. Both my children and if I ever have any - my grandchildren will know of you for this.