Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beware This Second Term

President Obama talked about reaching out to Republicans and working in a bipartisan manner to solve the deficit problem last night during his speech.


If the first term is any indication, this means a "Grand Bargain" between the president and Republicans in Congress to "improve" Social Security and Medicare.

Boehner decided it wasn't in his party's interests to complete that Grand Bargain back during the first term, but with exit polls showing some voters supporting Dems over the GOP because they viewed the Republicans as intransigent and too extreme, it is much more likely a Grand Bargain gets done this time around.

The last "Grand Bargain" was a sell-out of Social Security and Medicare.

Expect President Obama to sell out Social Security and Medicare again and dismiss any criticism from the left of his sell-out as "whining."

On education, they'll double down on Race to the Top and make all kinds of claims about its success - claims that cannot be borne out by any data.

And again, any teachers or parents or education activists who complain about their neo-liberal, privatization agenda will be slammed as "whiners".

Or worse - not for the kids.

On foreign policy, Obama will continue to murder hundreds of people a month through his drone bomb campaign in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere. 

The "kill list" will continue, of course - as will the surveillance at both home and abroad.

All to keep us "safe".

WCBS analyzed the election as a loss for Wall Street because Obama's re-election means more regulations on business.

Not if the first term is any indication - even after nearly driving the economy into disrepair, the Big Banks are still around with just a few watered-down regulations added.

Nothing they can't get around.

I am not looking forward to this second term.

I have come to despise this president and his dishonesty - he talks about helping middle and working class Americans, but his actions aid Wall Street and screw the rest of us.

He talks about freedom and liberty, but he puts together a security apparatus and surveillance state that is rapidly approaching Big Brother.

He talks about ethics and morality, but he murders innocents every week as collateral damage with his drone bombs.

It's going to be another rough four years.

At least this time around, I didn't vote for it.

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