Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bloomberg Plans To Influence Education Policy Long After He Leaves City Hall

Just because Our Little Mayor With His Name Emblazoned On Everything He Owns is in his last year in office doesn't mean he plans on going away from public life any time soon:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg "spent upwards of $9 million of his own money in the final ten days of the 2012 campaign in support of candidates who shared his views on gun control and political moderation, a sizable sum that portends how the billionaire envisions his life outside of the mayor's office after his third term concludes in 2013," the Washington Post reports.

Said aide Howard Wolfson: "This is just the beginning. On issues like guns and education, Mike Bloomberg is poised to play an even bigger role in advancing a mainstream agenda and influencing elections."

Mainstream agenda?

A Marist poll in April found 65% of New Yorkers want the next mayor to pursue education policies different from Bloomberg's.

Uh-huh - nearly two-thirds of those polled think Bloomberg's education policies need to be changed.

Nothing mainstream about those policies - or popular about them either.

But that won't stop Our Little Mayor With His Name Emblazoned On Everything He Owns from trying to buy future political officeholders with his billions.

Or the media from uncritically writing about them as if they are mainstream instead of the radical, destructive policies they are.