Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Navy Lands In Belle Harbor To Help Storm Victims

Good to see this:

Navy personnel showed up early Sunday morning to bail out flooded homes in Belle Harbor, Queens, in what residents said was the first help they’ve gotten from the federal government since Superstorm Sandy hit.
Several vehicles were unloaded onto the beach from a large landing craft, including two amphibious vehicles known as LARCs.

Chief Gary Evans-Murphy of Beach master Unit 2 said his crew of 29 would be in the neighborhood all day helping dewater homes.
Relieved residents hailed the Navy’s arrival.

"This is the first sign (of help) and it's a week later," said Beach 126th St. Resident Jeanne Duffy, a nurse recruiter. "Oh my God, I'm so happy the Navy's here. It's been total devastation."

Some members of the Navy unit grabbed shovels and started digging out the wall of sand that landed in front of homes, like retired Con Ed worker Marty Lattanzi's house on Beach 127th St.

"If I talk any longer you're going to see tears," Lattanzi said. "I'm just so relieved."

I'm glad they're getting help in Belle Harbor.

I hope the Navy can help down the Boulevard in Rockaway and Far Rockaway too.

Then Broad Channel and Staten Island too.

These people need the help.

Can't think of a better use for our military dollars than using the equipment to dig people out and "dewater" their homes.

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