Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, November 19, 2012

UFT Agrees To Cancel February Break (UPDATED)

Just like that, we go from a week off to a long weekend:

New York City’s Education Department and union leaders have agreed to cancel three vacation days from the weeklong February break to make up for days lost to damage and delays from Hurricane Sandy

Besides the three vacation days — Feb. 20, 21 and 22 — the city and unions have also agreed to convert a half day in June into a full day. 

“Teachers, principals and the school community made an extraordinary effort to get our schools back online after the storm, and by working together, we were able to open most schools with minimal disruption,” the department said Monday in what it characterized as a joint statement with the principals’ and teachers’ unions. “It is just as important that we recover the time lost, and this agreement will provide students with additional class instruction.” 

The state legislature and senate is working to pass a waiver on the 180 day attendance requirement, but Walcott and Bloomberg wanted the days added back right away and apparently the UFT leadership couldn't wait to give them what they wanted.

Another horrendous sell out by Michael Mulgrew and the UFT leadership.

Why did this decision have to be made before the waiver process finished in Albany?

Why couldn't PD days be converted to regular school days?

Because Mulgrew and the UFT suck, that's why.

UPDATE - 7:44 PM: James Eterno at ICEUFT points out that Mulgrew's arithmetic is wrong - Mulgrew says we're teaching 182 days and have fallen below the 184 mark already, but we're actually teaching 184 days and we're at the 180 mark now.

No days actually needed to be added to be in compliance with state law so long as no other days were lost to weather or any other emergnecy.

Just another sell out by Mulgrew and Company.

Either they're too stupid to know the day count is off or they don't give a shit and have some ulterior motive for adding the days regardless of the actual count.


  1. Mulgrew is toxic waste.

    1. I think you're selling toxic waste short there with that comparison, anon.