Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bloomberg Got It In Person From Angry Rockaway Residents Today

The Mayor of Money thinks he's doing a fantastic Sandy response job because he's getting applause at Upper East Side restaurants and praise in the NYC media from people like Mike Lupica.

But he didn't get applause and praise from the people out in Rockaway today when he went out for a visit.

He got anger, frustration, and cursing.

NY 1 has the video here.

Frankly, these people should have done to him what has been done to them - they should have taken his car, taken his gas, stuck him in a powerless house without food or running water and left him there for five days.

Bloomberg and other government officials have been skating accountability for this mess all week.

But I'm giving other government officials, like Cuomo and Christie, a pass on much of this because a) they are really trying to make things better and b) they have approached these overwhelming tasks with humility.

Bloomberg, on the other hand, has been prancing around like a peacock, spending almost as much time and energy on the now cancelled NYC Marathon as he has on recovery efforts, taking time out for presidential endorsement press conferences and the like.

Hey, Mike - why don't you do what these people in Rockaway want and get them some help?

Enough with the "Look How Great I Am" shit, okay?

Because if you don't get help to these people soon, you're going to go down in history as the mayor who fucked up two major storms and left the outer boroughs on their own to starve, freeze and drown.

I think he's got about another day or so to get help to people in Staten Island, Coney Island Rockaway and the other devastated areas that have been neglected by the city or Sandy will be the coda to his mayorality.

Especially with another storm on the way next Wednesday.

Bloomberg spends an awful lot of time, energy and effort on his so-called "legacy."

The Times even mentioned that in their story about the cancellation of the marathon today, that Wolfson and others had to tell him in no uncertain terms that he had to cancel the race or take a hit to his reputatation and legacy.

But enough of the fucking legacy already - just get to work and make believe you care about these people.

Get them food, water and shelter.

Dig them out.  Bring them supplies.

Most of all, bring them hope that they're not on their own.

Especially with another storm coming just days away.


  1. I agree with everything you've said. You have to admire these people in Rockaway. Nearly everybody else has been kowtowing to this very wealthy, very powerful man and these folks just don't give a shit about any of that. Bet he wasn't expecting it.

  2. No, I bet he wasn't. And it's the second time they've given to him. They booed him during a parade after the Bloomberg Boxer Day Blizzard too. Another storm he ho-hummed.