Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bloomberg Increases Charter School Spending, Cuts Traditional School Budgets

They say a municipal budget is all about values -this latest from Bloomberg certainly exposes his:

Mayor Bloomberg's proposed budget is close to balanced, an independent watchdog said Fraiday - but some of his priorities may cause New Yorkers to bristle.

The Independent Budget Office review said the Education Department plans to spend $139 million more on charter schools next year, but $207 million less on traditional public schools.

"Spending in these areas is likely welcome to the families that use those particular schools, but families of the roughly 1 million students in the traditional public schools may see it as resources lost to their own schools and children," the report says.

Meanwhile, cuts to the police and fire departments will leave them at their lowest staffing levels in years, the report found. The Bravest would end the next fiscal year on June 30, 2012, with 10,282 firefighters in its ranks - the lowest number since at least 1980.

Lowest taxes ever for the hedge fundies and Wall Street criminals. Ridiculously low real estate taxes for wealthy condo owners like A-Rod. Corporations use the same tax haven in the Cayman Islands that Bloomberg himself uses to avoid paying city taxes.

The result?

Slashed fire, police and school budgets.

But NOT EVERY school budget.

Oh, no - charter schools get MORE money from the Mayor of Money.

The message to parents, students and teachers in traditional public schools - screw you!

Yes, budgets are an expression of values.

And Bloomberg has made clear where he stands on schools, city safety and quality of life for middle and working class citizens.

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