Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bloomberg Says Teacher Layoffs Still Coming

The Mayor of Money didn't get the changes to LIFO he wanted in the state budget agreement.

Some additional money for education was sent NYC's way in the agreement.

Bloomberg says he is still going to lay off thousands of teachers anyway:

Lawmakers tacked on $270 million to Mr. Cuomo's education budget.The final budget agreement keeps state education spending flat at around $20 billion, but for districts that relied on the two-year surge of federal stimulus dollars, the state budget will feel like a deeper cut.

The added school dollars weren't enough to appease the Bloomberg administration, which said the smaller cuts would still force the city to fire teachers.

"We appreciate that some of the cuts in education aid were restored," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement. "But make no mistake: the final budget still cuts New York City more than ever before."

Never mind that Bloomberg is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on outside contracting projects like this one.

He is going to try and prove a point with layoffs.

It is incumbent upon the UFT and other progressive groups to get the message out that Bloomberg is WASTING BILLIONS on contracts to his business and tech cronies.

The City Controller said this is where the budget savings is.

Bloomberg must face a stark choice with this - he already has the lowest approval ratings he has had in the last eight years (38%.)

He worries that his legacy is being tarnished by this third term.

The UFT and others must try and take those poll numbers down to Nixonian levels if he continues to go with his lay off plan.

Hammer him on the outside contracts and other boondoggles.


He wants to lay off teachers to save MILLIONS.

See the difference?

Get those poll numbers down to the 20's and see if he has the political juice to go with his plan.


  1. Emma Goldman's GhostMarch 28, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    I'd like to see the figures on that crap program SESIS that was thrown at special education teachers smack in the middle of the school year. It looks like another break in the wall.......

  2. The lines from Bruce Springsteen's knocka-knocka-knocka me down, down, down, down......