Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 21, 2011

Liu To Audit ARIS and Izone Programs

Now we're getting somewhere:

The city controller has launched audits of two of the Education Department's signature - and most controversial - hi-tech programs.

Controller John Liu's office is taking a look at the $80 million IBM data system known as ARIS, which was supposed to provide student-specific data to schools and parents. After several missed deadlines, the program has been criticized for being difficult to navigate.

Liu also is delving into the lesser known iZone projects, a central priority of former Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.

They help schools carry out hi-tech approaches to education, such as interactive online learning.

There are 12 Education Department audits in progress at Liu's office.

Keep the DOE audits coming.

The testing contracts with McGraw-Hill should be next.

Now wonder Bloomberg gets all tight in the face when anyone mentions the city comptroller's office.

Liu seems to be the only one in city government actually trying to hold Bloomberg accountable.

12 DOE audits - that's holding this mayor accountable.

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