Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bloomberg Runs His Own Ads To Defend Budget Cuts

When you're the Mayor of Money, why not spend some to try and turn those poll numbers around and ratchet up some support for your budget:

Mayor Bloomberg is paying to run new, campaign-style television ads defending his budget, taking a page from the group of business leaders who have spent over a million dollars defending Governor Cuomo's agenda in Albany. [Update: Video embeded below]

Bloomberg appears in the ad himself, which he is paying for, personally, but does not speak. A narrator touts the mayor's "independence" and maintenance of services. Halfway through, the narrator says, "Albany budget cuts threaten teacher layoffs."

Union officials, and Cuomo aides, have said teacher layoffs are not necessary, and that better management of districts could help absorb the cuts the governor is proposing.

Who cares if the mayor is lying in his ads?

Who cares if he never mentions that while he is cutting the budget on school construction and laying off thousands of teachers, he is also increasing spending on no-bid technology contracts to his education deform cronies by tens of millions?

Who cares about the truth?

This is, after all, the Mayor of Money, and just as in any other autocracy, what the dictator says is truth IS truth.


  1. How does he afford this while only being paid a $1 salary?

  2. And the billion dollar spending cuts, I heard are going to be delayed at the PEP guess it is because his and Black's approval ratings are down. They are trying to boost approval ratings before they officially take away the money.

  3. Comptroller John Liu is taking aim at school construction costs and contracts of dubious nature. That is why the Dept is curtailing spending they are circling the wagons. The advertisements are meaningless by both sides, the unions need a mass demonstration that is what they should be planning not wasting their money trying to out spend Bloomberg!