Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sorry, Sandra, When You Date The Governor And You Get Involved In Politics, You Can't Duck

Sandra Lee was holding the "world's largest bake sale" at Grand Central Station to raise money for food banks to feed hungry people.

Her boyfriend, Little Andy Cuomo, has just gotten a budget deal that slashes aid to food banks and cuts services for old people and children.

Sandra was asked how she felt about that, but she would have none of it

She stonewalled:

Sandra Lee, the Food Network personality and best-selling author, was surrounded by butter-cream-frosted cupcakes and mini pecan pies, poised to kick off what she was billing as “the world’s largest bake sale” to raise $50,000 for the Food Bank for New York City.

Ms. Lee certainly proved a passionate advocate for ending childhood hunger, able to attract 30 New York restaurants and food shops to Vanderbilt Hall inside Grand Central Terminal on Tuesday morning, and rattle off facts and figures — “Every dollar that’s raised can turn into four dollars of food at the food bank,” she said.

But she became much less vocal when asked about the effect Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s new budget would have on food banks throughout the state. Ms. Lee is the longtime companion of Mr. Cuomo, and food banks and advocacy groups have asked the governor to increase state financing for hunger programs.

So far, they have been unsuccessful. Mr. Cuomo’s budget, which must be approved by the Legislature before Friday, provides $29.7 million in state funding for hunger programs, the same amount as last year. Officials at food banks say that allocation would effectively be a cut, given that demand is increasing and wholesale food prices have risen sharply over the past year.

“I am not here to talk about the governor’s budget,” Ms. Lee said, smiling, as she cut off a reporter’s question about the budget. “Thank you.”

But what about how Mr. Cuomo’s budget will affect food banks specifically?

“I am not here to talk about politics, but thank you for asking,” she replied, as polite as ever.

The food banks, however, have been far less reticent. The Hunger Action Network of New York State, an advocacy group, distributed thousands of postcards for people to send to Mr. Cuomo and legislative leaders asking them to increase funding for hunger programs.

“We had a lot of hope for him as governor, and he seems blind to the fact that we’re in a recession,” the group’s executive director, Mark Dunlea, said. “The demand at food pantries has skyrocketed, and he hasn’t really responded to that.”

The Cuomo administration did not immediately respond to the complaints about the financing.


Pressed one more time by a reporter, Ms. Lee wanted nothing of the issue.

“I’m not here to talk about politics,” she said, turning on the charm her fans have come to love. “But if you want a great recipe for cream cheese icing, I’ve got that for you.”

You can shove the cream cheese recipe up your ass, Sandra.

When you get involved in raising money for food banks in such a public way even as your consort HAMMERS poor people and old people around the state with his budget cuts and lowers taxes on millionaires at the same time, you've got to answer the questions about the budget.

And if you don't, well, then we're justified in telling you to your face that you are full of shit and you can keep your cupcake recipes...and your boyfriend.

Sandra Lee - today's worst Food Network personality.

And given the shit Ina Garten is in for refusing to meet with a child dying of cancer to cook one last meal, that's saying something.

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  1. Sandra's stock in trade in constructing crap from cans and boxes and adding just a bit of real food to make it look good. It appears her public persona is not all that different.