Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quinn Sucks Up To Business Interests For 2013 Run

The odious Christine Quinn gets a profile in the Observer.

She's the mayor's successor in 2013 - a bought-and-sold pol with CORPORATE stamp on her forehead.

Here is how the Observer lays odds on her election chances:

Ms. Quinn was once considered a front-runner to be the next mayor. In 2006, she had just become the unexpected speaker of the City Council. She smartly latched on to Mike Bloomberg's agenda while he was enjoying sky-high approval ratings. But in 2008 the City Council became embroiled in a budgeting scandal. Three council members and two staffers have been indicted so far, and Ms. Quinn was blamed for not keeping a more watchful eye over her charges. Then Mr. Bloomberg and Ms. Quinn worked to overturn the city's popular term-limit law, which further alienated New Yorkers.

Now, among the political chattering classes, Ms. Quinn is thought to be a long shot, someone too close to the mayor to be palatable to a Democratic primary electorate. Labor and progressives have won both of the past two contested Democratic citywide elections, and installed one of their own, Eric Schneiderman, as the state's attorney general. And to them Ms. Quinn has become a kind of pariah.

"Who voted in the last election?" said one political operative. "The really partisan Democrats who are still seething mad and not getting any happier about the extension of term limits."

Here is how Quinn's people see her chances:

"It's the Bloomberg, Koch, pro-business moderate coalition, combined with Manhattan liberals, gays and women," said one Quinn adviser.

Politicians in general are scummy people.

Quinn in particular is scummy.

Whenever I see her on my TV, I have to wash the oil off the screen afterward.

Only Little Andy Cuomo makes a bigger mess on the screen, what with all the horseshit he leaves after himself when he talks.

I don't think she has much of a shot to win in 2013.

She's not particularly likable, the term limit change she engineered for Bloomberg hangs like an albatross around her neck and after 12 years of corporate autocracy, progressive and labor forces are going to be out in force in this election.

But we'll see. The Mayor of Money wants to protect his "legacy," he may just try and buy her City Hall.


  1. I agree big time with your opinion of Quinn. When she orchestrated the term limits vote for Bloomberg I wanted to vomit. Her face makes me want to vomit she is an ugly person inside and out. The recent daily news expose about her and her significant other receiving a luxury condo will also not do her any good. But the voters are naive and anything can happen. Anthony Weiner in todays daily news says he is in the mayors race in 2013 with the support of the Clintons. It will be very interesting to see how Schumer and Cuomo play this one. Bloomberg will be as dead as Koch politically speaking so I guess the unions will have a bigger say than usual. Quinn deserves no support from labor after her allowing this third term in which Bloomberg has gone after every city labor union. But who knows these politicians have no morals at all. My vote anyone but Quinn!!!!!!!