Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Virtual Picket Line At Huffington Post

The Newspaper Guild has called for a virtual picket line at Huffington Post:

That cute little boycott of the Huffington Post just got about 520 times more interesting. The Newspaper Guild, which represents 26,000 U.S. media-industry workers (34,000 if you include Canada and Puerto Rico) is endorsing a call by Visual Arts Source magazine (staff size: 50) to stop providing free content to Huffpo now that its acquisition by AOL has made a fortune for its founders.

“Working for free does not benefit workers and undermines quality journalism,” the Guild said in a statement. “Just as we would ask writers to stand fast and not cross a physical picket line, we ask that they honor this electronic picket line.”

Says Dave Zirin, sportswriter:

I will be honoring the Newspaper Guild's request and their virtual picket line by no longer posting my work at the Huffington Post. While it will be a sacrifice to no longer pull a $0 paycheck from Ms. Huffington or have my work read alongside the brilliant journalism of Jamie Lee Curtis and Andrew Breitbart, I ain't gonna work on Arianna's farm no more.

Huffington has never earned an honest dime in her life. She has plagiarized her books, changed her politics with the wind in order to make her living (she was right wing when married to a right wing millionaire; she's "left wing" now that she has to make her own cash) and used other people's writing to enrich herself at her blog.

She can write about the squeezing of the middle class and working class all she wants and try and justify her actions.

She's exploitative, dishonest and sleazy.

I'm sure she never lost a wink of sleep over it, but I took the link to her blog off this blog a while ago.

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