Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mistress Eva Criticizes DOE

Exactly why is Eva Moskowitz criticizing the NYCDOE?

More than a third of New York City students who entered first grade in 2003 identified as English language learners couldn't pass an English-language proficiency test last year when they were in the seventh grade, according to Department of Education data.

The numbers were culled by Eva Moskowitz, a former Manhattan city councilwoman known for her aggressive scrutiny of the Department of Education and clashes with the teachers union. She is now the head of a charter-school network.

Ms. Moskowitz said she requested the information from the DOE and compiled a report—which she plans to release Tuesday—because she is concerned that large numbers of English language learners are not getting appropriate instruction. While the city has made some progress, "we need bolder, faster change," she said.

Oh, yes - that "bolder, faster" thing is her brand, isn't it?

So now she's creating news to promote her brand - "Bolder, Faster Change!" - and the Murdoch paper is willingly and enthusiastically helping her.

Funny how she never did much criticism when her pal Joel was chancellor.

But I guess that shows you just how low Cathie Black is held in esteem.

Even Mistress Eva has decided it's open season on her.

As for Eva, if she gave a shit about ESL students, maybe she should, you know, take some into her schools and hold onto them until the 8th grade.

But as usual this all about Eva promoting Eva.


  1. What does she know about language acquisition? What an ignorant she is!

  2. She's just looking to get any story into the press so she can offer her "Faster, Bolder" jive.

    She is, without a doubt, one of the worst human beings in the city.

    I met her once and had to restrain myself from cursing at her because she was holding her child while she was campaigning.

    I bet that's why she had the kid with her.