Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Michelle Rhee Tries To Defend DC Test Fraud

Michelle Malkin Rhee says that all those erasures from wrong answers to right ones on the tests - so many at one DC school that a person would have better odds winning the Powerball jackpot than there being a likelihood of students erasing all those wrong answers and bubbling in right ones - are just a matter of good teaching techniques:

"This story is an insult to the dedicated teachers and schoolchildren who worked hard to improve their academic achievement levels," said Rhee. "There are many reasons for erasures and the presence of erasures does not mean someone cheated. In fact, it can mean that our students are being more diligent about doing well, yet to suggest that there is no way test scores could have improved for DCPS students unless someone cheated is absurd. At StudentsFirst we know dedicated teachers make a difference, a strong inspirational principal can turn a school around, and that children can perform at high levels when given the tools to do so."

She is SO right!

I mean, heck, who can't win the Powerball grand prize every couple of years, right?

The odds at winning that prize are actually 1 : 195,249,054

Those are better odds than betting that the students at that DC school erased all those wrong answers and made them right.

Michelle Malkin Rhee can try and deflect the criticism all she wants - I don't know what she is talking about with that "How dare you say children cannot do a high level of work when given the tools to do so!" jive.

That's not what the USA Today story said at all.

Rather it said there is a high probability that the test scores in DC that Rhee and her media minions were hawking as proof positive that she is an education miracle worker are fraudulent.

So high a probability that you have a better shot of winning Powerball than this not being fraud.

Address that fact, Ms. Rhee, and leave the deflection stuff to professional hockey players.

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