Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cuomo Makes Racist Comment

At least that's what NYC Councilman Robert Jackson thinks:

NYC Councilman Robert Jackson is calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to “disavow” what he deemed a “racially-tinged” quote from anonymous administration members in today’s Fred Dicker column, saying the governor has a “special obligation” to do so given his close relationship with the Post’s veteran state editor.

(H/T Azi Paybarah).

The column cites “insiders” slamming Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for allegedly being “more concerned with satisfying the spending demands of this or that bloc in his conference than he is in doing what’s best for the state.”

“What has struck many people, and they find it hard to believe, is that for Shelly, it’s not about good government,” an “administration source” continues.

“It’s not about conceptualizing a vision for a better New York. It’s not about helping upstate. It’s not about making New York competitive with other states.”

“It’s all about his tribal politics, satisfying this or that group in his conference that keeps him in power – and nothing more.”

Silver called these allegations “not worth responding to,” insisting the Assembly will actually be in line with the governor for an on-time budget deal.

But Jackson, a Harlem Democrat and original CFE plaintiff who has been leading the charge against Cuomo’s proposed education funding cuts, took issue with the “tribal politics” comment, calling it “an extremely offensive reference.”

For Cuomo, this is all "tribal."

His "tribe" contains hedge fund managers, bankers, Wall Street execs and the Koch brothers.

The other "tribe" has everybody else.

Everybody else gets budget cuts.

Cuomo's "tribe" gets tax cuts.