Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 31, 2011

More From Paul Allen On Bill Gates

Bill Gates comes across as a scumbag and a weirdo in these excerpts - pretty much the same guy we have come to know and hate at the helm of the Gates Foundation:

Throughout the Vanity Fair piece, Allen paints Gates as a wolf of a negotiator, tireless automaton of a programmer and passionate but arrogant leader. Allen describes himself as logical and rational. The magazine dubs them The Odd Couple.


Allen wrote that Gates, at age 13, showed him a copy of Fortune magazine and asked, "What do you think it's like to run a Fortune 500 company? ... Maybe we'll have our own company someday."

"He was really smart. He was really competitive; he wanted to show you how smart he was. And he was really, really persistent," Allen wrote of his first impression of Gates.


Gates paid no attention to social convention, he wrote. When Allen, his girlfriend and Gates had dinner in college, Gates ate his chicken with a spoon. He also advised Allen's girlfriend to buy all her clothes in the same style and colors so she wouldn't have to spend time picking out outfits that matched.

Allen retells the night-and-day project when Allen and Gates wrote BASIC for the Altair microcomputer while Gates was still at Harvard. Landing the contract with Altair meant they had to establish a partnership.

Allen says he came up with the name of the company "Micro-Soft." He assumed the partnership would be 50-50. Gates first suggested 60-40, then pushed it to 64-36. Allen said he could not figure out the logic behind it, but agreed to it.

As the company grew, Allen said Gates thrived on conflict and fiery debate while Allen wanted to "solve the problem logically and move on." Gates seemed to never need recharging, and couldn't understand why an employee who had worked 81 hours in four days wanted to take a day off, Allen wrote.

"Our great string of successes had married my vision to his unmatched aptitude for business," Allen wrote.

I have said before, Bill Gates has been successful NOT because he is a computer genius or a visionary - he has been successful because he is a scumbag, an opportunist, the kind of guy who would look to fuck his partner out of his share of a company he started with him simply because his partner was sick and he thought he could get away with it.

Any resemblance between Bill Gates and the scumbag running Facebook is NOT coincidental.

They are the SAME kind of man.

Interesting that Zuckerberg has followed in Gates' footsteps, both in robbing his partners and stealing ideas and content from others, then by trying to hide his predatory nature with some jive-ass philanthropic ventures.

These men are sociopaths and the world would be a better place without either of them.

Of course if Gates and Zuckerberg were to fall into a chasm this very night and never be seen again, there would be plenty of sociopaths to replace them.

Our society seems to produce these kinds of criminals with the frequency that we produce pollution and garbage.

Until our culture stops worshiping men like Gates and Zuckerberg and calls them what they are - sociopathic criminals and mercenary scumbags without an ounce of decency or humanity - we will continue to head southward toward oligarchy and autocracy.

Government by the sociopathic billionaire, for the sociopathic billionaire, of the sociopathic billionaire.

Just don't turn your back on them.