Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

45% Of Dems Want To See Obama Face A Primary Challenge

President Accountability likes to hold teachers accountable in schools, he's not so big on being held accountable himself.

But many Democrats want to see him face some accountability in 2012:

President Barack Obama emerges from a bruising midterm election with uncertain prospects for the next one in 2012, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll.

Nearly half of his own base — 45 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents — want someone to challenge him for the Democratic nomination, according to the poll.

And, assuming he wins re-nomination, barely more than 1 in 3 voters, or 36 percent, said they'll definitely vote for him, while nearly half, 48 percent, said they'll definitely vote against him.


His political problems start with his own base.

Among Democrats, 41 percent want someone to challenge Obama for the 2012 nomination, while 51 percent don't.

Moreover, a majority of Democratic-leaning independents, 56 percent, want him challenged, while 33 percent don't.


Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, 39 percent said they'd want any primary challenge to Obama to come from the left, and 40 percent said they'd want it to come from the right.

"He's in the murky middle," Miringoff said. "He's not energizing his base, nor is he convincing enough independents. Those numbers all reflect a real restlessness about him. This is not a pretty picture for him."

Therein lies the problem with Accountability and his administration.

He's a wishy-washy corporate centrist who has been tarred as socialist by the right and is increasingly seen as a sell-out by the left. And the middle doesn't like him either.

So who does like him?

Well, HE likes HIMSELF. He thinks he's doing a fabulous job if just other people would notice. When he does blame himself for something, it's that he hasn't done a good job communicating to people how successful he has been.

But that's all jive.

Unemployment is 9.6%. Corporate profits are at an all-time high but people are STILL being laid off and now the Village Elite is coming for Social Security cuts. Foreclosures, many fraudulent, are rising in many parts of the country and the Obama mortgage plan (HAMP) has added to the fiasco, not made things better. Wall Streeters are partying like it's 1989 again. The top 15% own 80% of the wealth in this country.

And Obama sees nothing wrong with any of this.

That is the problem with him.

I have been talking about a primary challenge for Obama for a long time now.

It could happen.

If not because of the economy, then perhaps because of Afghanistan.

Hell, I think it ought to happen just because of his corporate-friendly, pro-privatization policies on education.

Regardless of the reason, let's get this movement started.



  1. Back in August I did a piece on ed notes addressing this issue:

    I closed with this:

    Given that just about everyone agrees that the midterms will be a disaster for Obama - just how bad is what is being discussed - and even Democrats are abandoning him - similar to what Republicans did with W in 2008 - Obama will be dealing with an ungovernable, vastly polarized nation where he will be helpless to take action.

    Obama faces primary challenge, or pulls out altogether: Enter Hillary
    As it becomes clear that under no circumstances - even with Palin as Republican candidate - can Obama win in 2012, pressure builds in the Democratic party for him to stand aside to save the country from Palin. If he refuses, look for a Eugene McCarthy type primary challenge to Obama from the left - or also someone from the Dem right. Who knows anymore?

    At this point, people are pleading with Hillary Clinton to come in and save the party and the nation. Could she pull a Bobby Kennedy and actually enter the primary?

    If all this happens, the concept that history repeats itself will be written on every lamp post in the nation.

    SINCE THEN- Read what Russ Feingold who opposed Obama on some prime issues had to say when he lost his race for senate. How about another wisconsin guy like McCarthy making Obama pull an LBJ? Then Hillary plays RFK when Feingold wins an early primary?
    In the meantime Palin kicks ass as her opponents whimp out before her- gee, her daughter whose dancing looks like her feet are stuck in concrete almost wins Dancing With the Whatever ....And then there's Bloomberg trying to play Ross Perot.
    Obama will be an excellent ex-president.

  2. I would love to see President Accountability primaried. But it is a long shot - the media is just not going to prop up anybody else. Remember how the lame stream media ended Howard Dean's bid? They seem to like the mealy-mouthed centrist Kerry. Amy Goodman mentioned Kucinich was kept out of the debates in New Hampshire fearing he would turn out to be a popular & insurgent due to his strong positions on Iraq and single payer health care. The outlet - NBC, ABC or whatever crap that is) said they will allow only the top 4 finishers from Iowa. Get that? LSM will decide who will run even among the Dems.

  3. This one dedicated to all Feingold admirers like me :

    Read & weep.

  4. Seems more & more like Prez Accountability will bail out in 2012. He doesn't like defeat. Even if it means passing some crappy bill & taking a victory lap - like the Romneycare health insurance bailout plan. He is the opposite of Feingold who can stand tall in defeat , and same with Alan Grayson.

    Bailout Barack is my title. His biggest bailout to date - that of the Republicann brand - which he bailed out from deep inside the toilet. Even Dubya couldn't bail him out.

  5. Unfortunately there's another possibility--a weakened Obama, a wingnut Tea Party candidate, and enter Mayor Moneybags.

    I think he's counting on just such a happenstance.

  6. I think he is counting on that too - and with over $300 million of his own cash to drop on the race, we shouldn't discount this happenstance.

    That said, I wonder just how much the rest of the country would be open to voting for a "Gimme your guns, your cars, and your transfats" kind of president who also was on record calling opponents of the Islamic community center near the WTC "bigots" and is a big supporter of gay rights and Goldman Sachs CEO privileges.

    Oh, and he HATES being called out on the carpet about anything.

    Can't wait to see how he handles political debates and actual campaigning in, say Iowa.

    I do think Bloomberg likes the fellatio he gets performed on him by the Village Eliters at the Washington Post and Newsweek who are telling him to run.

    But I think he might get a little bruised in that attempt.

    We'll see - $300 million can change a lot, so you never know.

    Can you imagine Secretary of Education Cathie Black?