Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Challenge To Rahm's Residency Status Filed In Court

Now this would be change I can believe in:

A challenge filed Friday to invalidate Rahm Emanuel’s candidacy in the Chicago mayoral race, says Mr. Emanuel's campaign, is a political trick by forces looking to "hijack" the election in February.

Chicago area election lawyer Burt Odelson filed his challenge to the Chicago Board of Elections, saying that Emanuel does not meet a state law that requires all candidates to be residents of the municipality in which they seek office for at least one year. He filed on behalf of two Chicago residents; on Wednesday, five other challenges were filed separately. Tuesday is the last day objections can be filed to the election board.

Central to Mr. Odelson’s argument is that Emanuel was removed from voter rolls twice during his two-year tenure in Washington, when he served as White House chief of staff to President Obama. During that time, Emanuel rented out his home. His campaign says he maintained ties to the city by paying property taxes, maintaining a driver's license, and voting in the February primary.

The challenges are likely to complicate Emanuel's campaign, in that a cloud of uncertainty will loom over his candidacy and he will likely be forced to address the issue in public appearances.

Emanuel has been playing hardball in this campaign already, dropping a dime on Jesse Jackson Jr. and buying off a few other potential candidates.

He leads in a poll released this week by 27 points over his nearest opponent.

Boy, wouldn't justice be served if this corporate criminal was declared ineligible to run over residency status?


  1. JJ Jr. did himself in. There is no evidence that Emanuel or any of the other candidates had anything to do with it. Emanuel is leading because of name recognition, association with President Obama, his own record as a Congressman. The fact that he's out there meeting the people and rustling up donations also helps. Nothing wrong with his work ethic, that's for sure. It would be an abuse of the law as written on both a state and local level, and set a terrible precedent, to throw anyone off the ballot for serving the President and their country, or because they rented their home out while doing so.

  2. Oh my God, an actual Rahmbo troll!!! How exciting!!! Google news searches really do bring the most fantastic people by to sling their own brand of horseshit.

    Emanuel is a crook and a sellout. He doesn't give a shit about working or middle class people. He cares only about the corporate class and himself.

    Want some evidence? Start with these four links. Oh, and thanks for coming by!

  3. I gave a straightforward response to your comments. I didn't assault you with a bunch nasty verbiage or links to more of the same. If that qualifies as a "troll" in your book, then so be it. I'll let you go talk to yourself and people who agree with you 24/7.