Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, November 19, 2010

Steiner Loads Black Waiver Panel With Klein Cronies

The NY Times reports that 3 out of 8 of the members on the expert panel that NYSED commissioner David Steiner convened to look into the Cathie Black matter worked for Joel Klein.

Gee, I'm sure they'll be objective.

So even before Steiner starts this sham panel, we can safely assume 37.5% will be a "yes vote" for Cathie Black.

Steiner just needs a couple more votes and then he has all the public cover he needs to give Bloomberg what he wants.

And then, a few years from now when Steiner leaves NYSED, there will be a cushy position waiting for him somewhere with gobs of money and other goodies, courtesy of one of Bloomberg's "charities."

In The Godfather, this was called bribery.

In Bloomberg's New York, it's called business as usual.


  1. Terrible news. It makes me disappointed about Steiner.

    The city-corporate world revolving door is so transparently obvious, with Klein coming from Bertelsmann, going to News Corp. and Black coming from Hearst.

    Between Bloomberg Media, IBM, Coke and Hearst there are too many venues for self-serving.
    How obvious.

    New York City Eye

  2. Great point, NY_I. I sometimes forget that Klein came from Bertelsmann, not the Clinton administration. I knew somebody who worked in one of their book divisions. The bottom line was the only line they cared about. I think Klein brought that same value system with him to the DOE.

    Cathie Black will be bringing the same values from Hearst. And of course as we heard this week from both Duncan and Gates, those are the values of the Obama administration as well as the edu-vultures as well.

    And as you point out, it's all incestuous. They seamlessly move from corporation to "non-profit" to government agency back to the corporation.