Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ireland Cuts Minimum Wage Instead Of Corporate Tax Rate

This is exactly the kind of world hedge fund criminals like Whitney Tilson want:

The Fianna Fail government in Ireland has released the austerity plan it promised in response for the big bank bailout the rest of Europe forced on it.

There’s a lot that’s awful in it: big cuts in pension, huge increases in tuition costs, and a ludicrous claim that this austerity plan will help Ireland’s economy grow.

But I think the most telling aspect of it is that it lowers minimum wage from 8.65 euro to 7.65, a cut of 11.5%. But it retains Ireland’s controversial 12.5% corporate tax.

This is also the kind of state incoming governor/Mussolini acolyte Andrew Cuomo wants to bring to New York - little to no taxes for corporations and rich people, pensions slashes to the bone for government retirees, wages for middle and working class people cut, unions gutted and destroyed, and school budgets cut in half so the hedge fund criminal class can get some more tax breaks.

Until we make clear to the hedge fund criminals like Whitney Tilson that it is not acceptable for the top 15% to own 80% of the wealth in this country and until we make hedge fund criminals like Whitney Tilson fear the anger and wrath of the bottom 80%, hedge fund criminals like Whitney Tilson (and the politicians they buy with their criminal money) are going to continue to grab more and more of the wealth and power and declare it "reform."

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