Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cuomo Says He'll Spend $4 Million To Fight Unions

Corporate profits are the highest ever.

But Little Andy Cuomo thinks unions are the problem with the country.

He says he'll spend $4 million to combat any union media campaign to fight his school budget cuts, public sector layoffs, and cuts to government worker benefits and pensions.

Because he thinks that taxes are too high - on corporations.

Exactly how much do the corporatists who run this country need?

How much does Cuomo think they need?

At what point will the middle and working classes fight back against these corporate shills?

For that matter, at what point will the unions fight back against these corporate shills.

15% of the country own 80% of the wealth.

The problem with this country isn't unions or pensions or Social Security or teacher salaries.

The problems is corporations are literally stealing the country from under us and the politicians - wholly owned shills of these corporations - continue to do their bidding.


  1. He needs to take continue the corporate raiding from the peasant teachers, so he can give the BIG bucks to the yuppy scum ed. barons....Notice what Klein's first move working for Murdoch is...a $360 million purchase from two Oxford grads, "who taught computer" in Ct. for awhile, and created a data system to improve teachers"...Since most consumer demand has dried up in THE NEW is good business, since taxpayer dollars are always available...loot right from the Treasury....

  2. Sure they "little guy" teacher is draining the country with all of their union perks compared to the exorbitant taxes corps. like...oh...say...Goggle pay....(Google less than 3% in taxes last year)Last I checked, when all is said and done...I'm paying, what...40% or more?

  3. Valerie Strauss at the Answer Sheet posted about this too. The title of these articles ought to be Klein Cashes In

  4. So...Google pays 2.4% in taxes. ( in total the average Joe is paying nearly 50% taxes overall.) If Google gets away with that, you know ALL of them get away with paying nearly zero taxes compared to their earnings. So, Mayor Scumberg ALSO gets away with that. How do you think he's TRIPLED his wealth in his mayoral years? HENCE that bogus tripe about the rich paying more in taxes is just that...BS. Instead of "trickling down" they seek to maximize even more by killing whatever's left of the middle class. We are tax slaves, while THEY pay nearly zilch...How can this be allowed to happen...?