Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bloomberg Budget Cuts Includes Less Bread For Prisoners

This really is Dickensian:

"Parking meters will go up 33%, 20 fire companies will shut down at night, prisoners will get less bread - and more than 6,200 city workers will lose their jobs. That's the bad news from Mayor Bloomberg, who Thursday unveiled $1.6 billion worth of cuts, fees and fines as part of his plan to help balance the budget over the next 18 months," report our Einhorn and Lisberg.

Prisoners eat too much anyway.

Fires never happen at night.

Class sizes are WAY too small.

And rich people pay too much in tax.

Welcome to 21st Century New York - Bloomberg's New York where prisoners eat too much bread and we only fight fires during the day.

It's Cuomo's New York too - where hedge fund managers and Wall Street CEO's pay too much in tax and the chamber of commerce doesn't have nearly enough power in government decisions.

Welcome to feudalism.

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