Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maybe We Will Have Black To Kick Around Some More

Oh, goody, goody - the Murdoch Post says Bloomberg just might agree to training wheels for Cathie with an "i" Black:

A former state Education official said Bloomberg would likely go for a power-sharing chancellorship rather than risk seeing his high-profile pick rejected.

That would move the city toward a system embraced years ago in Chicago.

But the official observed, "I don't think that really works, because you lose accountability in the process."

Bloomberg likes to think he's big on accountability, at least for the little people like teachers and paras.

But apparently in the new world order of the NYCDOE, the chancellor will defer to her deputy in charge of teaching, learning and accountability while she performs the really important duties like announcing no-bid contracts with Snapple and appearing in various "news" media outlets to blame the union and/or unionized teachers for stuff.

Oh, happy day to have Cathie with an "i" Black around for the next three years!

We'll have such fun when she starts her Layoffs With A Smile movement.

We can ask her "Is this movement coming from your office or your deputy's office?"

And no matter what she says in response, indeed we'll never actually know.

She starts the job wounded and weakened.

If I were her, I would withdraw from the whole mess and go seek solace in laying off some magazine employees.

In the past, that's ALWAYS made Cathie with an "i" Black happy.

Because hanging around to half-run the NYCDOE isn't going to turn out so well.


  1. Oh my, you are frigging hilarious. You take some bite out of all the gloomy news. God bless you.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, G3.

    Do you think Bloomberg will take the deal offered by Steiner's panel of experts?

    I see the op-ed pages of the Times is suggesting he should.

    Little Andy Cuomo however says mayoral control means mayoral control.

    But he's got a fascist.

  3. Oops - mean to say Little Andy has a fascist streak to him!

  4. Obviously, our imperial Mayor feels that he can get his way, no matter what- and, often does.

    Looks like we'll be stuck with Cathie Black, until she can't handle it any more- or, at least, for the duration of the Mayors' ill gotten third term.