Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Charter School Goons

Some in the charter school industry like to brag about how "tough" their schools are.

Some like to run their schools like Rikers Island - any little infraction, even rolling one's eyes, gets a student jail time in detention.

That particular school in question - Achievement First in Crown Heights - apparently has decided to offer discipline not just to students but to parents as well:

A parent protesting disciplinary rules at a Brooklyn charter school Monday night said she was pushed around by the school's dean two weeks ago.

The dean says the mom pushed him, and he's considering pressing charges.

Allana Frasier, a 31-year-old medical administrator, went public with her charge at a raucous meeting to discuss discipline practices at Achievement First Crown Heights Middle School.

Parents at the school have previously met to vent their anger at the school's strict rules on behavior.

Frasier said she went to the school on Nov. 10 to pick up her sixth-grader, who was booted from class for disrespecting his teacher.

She said dean Sean Solomon confronted her in a second-floor hallway and blocked her way to her son's class.

"He started pushing me into the wall with his shoulder as I was trying to pass him," she said. "He kept blocking me, then he pushed me and I pushed him back and started yelling."

While I do not condone the way the staff treats either students or parents at this charter school, I do have to say that if you don't want your kid treated like a prisoner, don't put them into a school that brags about the tough discipline it offers and gets compared to Rikers Island jail in the press.

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