Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Day, Another Bloomberg Outrage

Here is a list of the proposed layoffs Bloomberg announced today:

Outline of Projected Layoffs

Police Department:
Eliminate 350 civilian positions.
Reduce funding for maintenance of police vehicles by extending the fleet lifecycle.

Fire Department:
Redeploy staffing at 20 fire companies overnight.

Department of Correction:
Eliminate 51 correction officer positions.

Department of Sanitation:
Eliminate 200 supervisor posts and redeploy to frontline sanitation worker positions.

Administration for Children’s Services:
Reduce homemaking services.
Eliminate 80 vacant Child Protective Supervisor and other managerial positions.
Reduce administrative and support staff through 118 layoffs.
Increase Child Care Copayments.

Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services:
Eliminate 96 currently vacant positions.

Department of Homeless Services:
Eliminate 15 percent of security guards in directly-operated family shelters.

Department of Youth and Community Development:
Reduce Summer Youth Employment slots by 2,140.
Reduce Out of School Time holiday programs by five days or nearly 30 percent.
Reduce funding to 66 Beacon schools by 10 percent.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene:
Eliminate city funding for Mental Retardation and Developmental Disability clinical programs.
Eliminate supplemental funding for two school-based health centers.

Reduce subsidies by $20 million, reducing the average days of service per week by approximately one day per week citywide.

Department of Cultural Affairs:
Reduce subsidies by $8.8 million resulting in approximately 190 layoffs at cultural institutions.

Department of Aging:
Eliminate 14 staff positions.
Reduce funding for case management and restructure services.

Department of Probation:
Lay off 57 employees.

Department of Housing Preservation and Development:
Lay off 14 housing supervision employees.

Department of Finance:
Lay off 129 employees to consolidate and modernize organizational units and create efficiencies.

Department of Transportation:
Lay off 35 managerial, administrative, clerical and planning employees.
Lay off for one week 641 Street Maintenance and Arterial Resurfacing employees, resulting in 9,000 fewer potholes being filled.

Department of Parks and Recreation:
Reduce the work year from 12 months to 9 months for 1,468 full-time positions to conform with the lighter workload in winter months.
Eliminate 15 percent of seasonal staff positions.

Department of Education:
Reduce funding by $350 million.
Instead of the loss of 10,000 jobs as predicted in the July 2010 financial plan, the DOE will face a loss of 6,166 teaching positions in fiscal year 2012.

Civilian Complaint Review Board:
Eliminate 3 investigative staff positions.

Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications:
Eliminate 59 call taker positions at 311 through attrition.

Anybody notice what's not on the list?

If you said layoffs at Tweed or City Hall, you win a no-bid Snapple contract courtesy of the DOE.

You know what else isn't on the list of proposed cuts?

Testing services, data base building, and no-bid contracts for test companies.

If you noticed that, you win a no-bid Coca-Cola contract courtesy of Cathie Black.

Last year, even as Bloomberg was announcing no raises for teachers, he was handing out raises to people at City Hall, Quinn was handing out raises at the City Council, and Klein was hiring eight deputy chancellors.

This year, as Bloomberg sheds 10% of the city's teaching corps. either through attrition or layoffs, he will not be shedding even one employee at City Hall or one no-bid contract to his cronies at McGraw-Hill or elsewhere in the edu-corporatocracy.

Just one outrage after another from this man, yet somehow nothing sticks to him.

His approval rating remains high.

So as long as that trend continues, Bloomberg will get away with this stuff


  1. no lay-offs, no that the deal? Same as before? In my home town in lower Westchester teachers got 4%. Now after 18 years they take home $135,000!!!!!

    Check out payrolls here.

  2. Rod, I think it's even worse than that - they're coordinating an attack on the salary step structure - in the same week that the Obama admin urged larger class sizes and changes to teacher pay (tied to test scores and PD, not automatic salary step advances), Bill Gates is giving a "speech" to superintendents urging the same "transformational change" and Bloomberg is announcing 10,000 layoffs.

    Forget getting a raise for this year and last or even for the next two years.

    Essentially I think they will be looking to end raises forever, similar to what the idiots (yes, idiots) in Baltimore just agreed to in their contract.

    Want a raise? Raise the test scores. (And of course this means many new tests too...)


  3. All which gives great respect to Florida's teachers last year when they staged a STATEWIDE walkout, and created an environmnet where Gov. Christ decided in their favor, and AGAINST test assessment in their contract. HERE, we slowly walk off the cliff...

  4. Yep, it's a shame that parents and teachers don't protest. Our leaders at the UFT wimped out. I suppose those office jobs, without kids, are just too cushy, the money and perks just too sleep inducing and the chance to play game with corporate America just too pleasurable.