Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Perfect Christmas Gift For The Hedge Fundie In Your Life

It's almost Christmas and the folks on Wall Street are living it up again.

Corporate profits in the last quarter were the highest ever.

Unlimited expense accounts, no-interest loans from the boss, generous year-end bonuses for current employees, signing bonuses for new employees, low taxes and politicians like Little Andy Cuomo and Chris Christie promising to make them even lower for really, really rich people - life is good on Wall Street.

In fact, the NY Times reports this morning that the swagger is back on Wall Street and Wall Street Elites are spending more than they were even before the '08 crash.

But there is one dark cloud on the horizon.

The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets have reported that the largest insider trading investigation ever is about to break.

Three hedge funds have been raided in connection with this investigation.

Even venerable (all right, execrable) Goldman Sachs is under investigation for fraud.

So amid all the good news on Wall Street this holiday season, there is some bad.

That's why Brooks Brothers has just put out the perfect Christmas gift for the hedge fundie in your life who might be a target of an insider trading investigation.

Don't let your loved fundie get scapegoated for the criminal activity his boss had him doing - get him something from the Brooks Brothers Wired Collection instead:

Hedge fund criminals like Whitney Tilson DO have it all in this life.

But I bet most of them don't have this yet.

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