Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, November 29, 2010

No Experience Necessary

As expected, Bloomberg ed deform shill David "Loves The Classics" Steiner granted a waiver for Cathie Black to become the next schools chancellor in NYC despite zero experience in and knowledge of education.

Here's a comment at the Daily News that sums up the whole mess:

Tomorrow, I'm going to start applying to jobs that I have no experience or previous interest in and see how far that gets me.

Probably won't get that commenter too far, unless Bloomberg is backing him, of course.

Then the sky's the limit.


  1. Is it possible that Black has no idea what she got herself into? that maybe she will make mistakes along the way and have tons of people angry at her?

    Maybe this could be entertaining to watch her crumble and fall down. I am just wondering about this...........

  2. It's an interesting thing to contemplate.

    She starts bruised and battered. Using a boxing match for the metaphor, it's early in the fight but she's gotten hit quite a bit and staggered once or twice. She's not ready to fall, but she's been softened up and could go if the right blow hits her.

    I think if she makes any major mistake, she could have the sharks eat her. If she says something stupid to a newspaper reporter, makes a blunder at a press conference, screws something up at some photo op that makes her seem clueless and out of touch, I think her opponents and the press will eat her alive.

    That said, she IS a pro, so she knows how not to screw things up. But chancellor isn't magazine publisher and it's true too that people are watching and waiting for her to screw up.

  3. Social Studies in Staten IslandNovember 29, 2010 at 7:29 PM

    Except for the newspapers, the wealthy and Catholic/private school parents, Lord Mayor and his crony/faux chancellor will soon see a battle from the parents and rank and file teachers every step of the way. Maybe now people will see what a sham Lord Mayor has been and begin to fight back. Enough of the ed deform, enough of the higher taxes, enough of the two NYCs that this lunatic has given us and enough of Bloomberg's b.s. With all of this and his cutting of services perhaps people will stop being apathetic and actually DO SOMETHING to stop this absolute monarch from turning NYC into a rich man's playtoy.

    I may be over optimistic and reaching but a man can dream.

  4. social studies in staten island, I have a Bloomberg post going up in a bit that may put a smile on your face. Other than Newt Gingrich, there is no politician in America MORE unpopular than Mayor Moneybags.

  5. Social Studies in Staten IslandNovember 29, 2010 at 7:57 PM


    You have just made my day!!! Its time for America to see that our mayor is nothing but an oligarchal fraud who cares less for the little people.

    I'm about to enjoy a fine Belgian white ale, mark some papers (my 8th grade is the first 8th grade under balanced illiteracy) and stomach this Monday Night Football game that's as weird as the Black appointment.

    Social Studies in Staten Island

  6. Problem is Staten Island is El Duce country. The chances of parental, and teacher protests in Staten Island are nill. The rest of the boroughs will have to overcompensate.

    Have they closed any schools in Staten Island, other than the black districts? Not to offend SS teacher, for he is correct in his post, but he's in the wrong borough. Staten Island, the most racist and facsist of all the borughs...going back to Guiliani's time. El Duce just loves the Staten Islanders.

  7. Staten Islanders...they've made it over that damn bridge, and you better bet they will damn sure defend it . . .

  8. Spot on, RBE - good catch on the comments. Boy, you are wearing me out , and making me damn tired - of making me say again & again that your posts are too good :-). And to channel Social studies in Staten Island, you make my day again & again.

  9. Continuing my comment, I should add - though you spooked me yesterday when you posted that Prez Accountability is going to focus on education for the rest of his term. BOO ! Scary !!! The guy can't seem to get anything right these days and screws everything he touches.

  10. Social Studies in Staten IslandNovember 30, 2010 at 6:32 AM

    The tone on SI is not pro-Duce 24/7. Besides education, the fascists and racists that dot this borough have gripes with Lord Mayor on other issues. Although the schools have not faced the Children Last policies, many non-educators hate:

    1. The sales tax is at 8.875 not 8.25 percent.
    2. Our property tax has been raised 18.75 percent. This cost McMahon the House seat that Vito "Two families" Fossella held.
    3. The smoking nonsense
    4. The bike lane stupidity
    5. Eliminating the tax on clothes under 100 dollars
    6. The cutting of services-there are many people who have City jobs who are threatened by these cuts...many of them in fire and sanitation.

    I try to inform many teachers of the Bloomberg changes but they are too apathetic to care. I guess many don't know that our fearless leader "Flip flop" Mulgrew has sold them out. However, conservatives like my dad and father in law have seen Bloomberg as a fraud and hopes he rides off the Verrazano and into obscurity.

    Whoever Lord Mayor dubs his heir will have to win Racist Island but they may find it hard to do so. As for teachers, maybe some more will join the fight considering our large schools are next.