Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bloomberg Pulls Out All The Stops For Black

The mayor launched a major pushback offensive against Cathie Black detractors yesterday, lining up business "leaders" behind his appointee for chancellor, getting three former mayors (Saint Rudy of 9/11, Dinkins, and Koch) to support Black with a letter, and releasing his own letter to NYSED commissioner David Steiner asking for a waiver so that the non-educator Black can become the schools chief.

So what happens now?

Here is a letter Steiner wrote to Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries explaining that he will convene a screening panel of representatives from the NYSED for review and advice on the matter as soon as he receives the waiver request from Bloomberg. He says there is no timetable for a decision but he is mindful of Klein's departure date and will take prompt action.

The tide was beginning to turn against Bloomberg and Black before the latest salvos from the city. The media coverage had turned ugly.

Will Bloomberg's crony support from pols and business "leaders" for Black give Steiner the cover he needs to grant the waiver?

Or will the IOU that Bloomberg sent in the envelope with the waiver request to Steinder do the trick?

You can bet Steiner stands to make a lot of money in a few years through one of Bloomberg's "charity" foundations if he does right by Bloomberg and grants the waiver.

There will be a job or something waiting for him on the other end of this.

That, of course, is the problem with allowing so much power to be in the hands of billionaires.

They can fix pretty much everything they want the way they want.

UPDATE: The Daily News reports Bloomberg also got Oprah to back Black:
Mayor Bloomberg's pick for new schools chancellor got the heavy-weight endorsement of Oprah Winfrey last night - the same day he asked the state to approve his pick.

The talk show host's support is a sign of how hard City Hall is pushing back against Cathie Black's critics.
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Winfrey told the Daily News she fully backs Black, the chairwoman of Hearst Magazines who convinced her to start her own publication.

"Since she first walked into my office with the unconventional idea of me - who knew nothing about publishing - partnering with Hearst to start a magazine, I've had nothing but respect for the way she does business," Winfrey said.

"She's tough as nails and accustomed to handling multiple complexities with focus, strategic planning and expert leadership. . . . She will be a tremendous champion for the children of New York and will do it with grace," Winfrey added.

Rumor has it City Hall has a press conference scheduled later today so that the ghosts of Albert Shanker and John Dewey can also endorse Cathie Black for chancellor.

What exciting times we live in!

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