Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Will Bloomberg Use The Japan Crisis To Pull Something?

The corporatocracy love to steal stuff when no one's watching.

I have no knowledge of anything coming down the pike, but I am wondering if Bloomberg doesn't try something underhanded here while much of our attention is diverted from the oligrachs' push to destroy unions and workers' rights in places like Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Idaho, Pennsylvania and New York to the horrific stuff happening in Japan.

As Rahm Emanuel says, never let a crisis go unused.

Most of the time, the corporatocracy like to divert with bread and circuses or social issues to get what they want on the economic front.

But nuclear catastrophes and natural disasters work just as well.


  1. To make sure there is no tsunami in New York, we need to eliminate reverse-seniority layoffs for city teachers immediately! Get Flanagan to draft a bill.

  2. The power elites make great hay during times of choas and crisis...that is one reason why they are constantly creating it. "The little people" panic, and make poor decisions, and are weak during chaotic times. They are more apt to give things survive.