Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Better When Bush Was President


They would have fought Bush on NSA spying and the drone bomb slaughter Obama has ordered in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere too.

Alas, because a Democrat has ordered these things, many partisan Dems fall all over themselves to explain why these policies are not really totalitarian and murderous.

Same goes for many of the Daily Kossacks and the like on the blogosphere.

Here at Perdido Street School, we don't teach blind fealty to party, nation-state or ideology.

We teach staying true to principle, truth and honor.

That's a lesson that rarely gets taught these days and it's one that is sorely needed.

I voted for Obama first time around,

I did not vote for him in 2012.

I wouldn't have voted for him if my vote was the one vote standing between some hanging chads and a Romney presidency.

I will not be threatened into voting for the lesser evil anymore - the lesser evil is still, in the end, evil.


  1. That splitting of what passes for the center-left of the Democratic Party is precisely why this country's ruling class gave Obama the nod to begin with. There's a reason he won the Wall Street primary in 2008, and it wasn't about Hope and Change.

    Also, as Glen Ford has said, Obama is not the Lesser Evil, but the More Effective Evil. His Blackness adds an additional dynamic that can make it hard for pwogwessives to oppose him, as with Booker. Their Blackness is strategic, and in the service of the Overclass.

    1. I believe Ralph Nader warned about Obama being Uncle Tom for the corporations.

    2. That point by Ford is a good one - yes, there is no doubt that the overclass needed a black man to come in and drop drone bombs on black and brown people in parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Same goes for trying to privatize Social Security and Medicare, as well as their wildly successful privatization efforts via RttT. Bush could have never done this.

  2. So we are voting for W retroactively? Laura was a librarian once upon a time. At least with Bush there was no confusion about his goals.

    1. Apparently Michelle Obama criticized teachers on morning TV today, saying they tried to keep her from going to Princeton.


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