Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Merryl Tisch Get A Subpoena From The Moreland Commission Yet?

Of course she hasn't - but she should.

We learned on Sunday that Regents Chancellor Tisch paid out of her own pocket for private employees to run NYSED offices - at least the first million came from the Tisch family fortune.

Millions more came from the Gates Foundation, General Electric and a bunch of other corporate entities - $19 million in total from more than two dozen private employees.

These private employees, called "Regents Fellows," many with connections to the Gates Foundation and other education reform groups, developed state education policy, implemented that policy and helped enforce it.

In short, the Gates Foundation took over the running of the NYSED.

Former NYSED Commissioner King, current Commissioner King and Regents Chancellor Tisch were all behind this scheme to turn over government functions to private personnel paid for by private companies and "non-profits."

Those actions warrant subpoenas from the Moreland Commission, which has been entrusted to look into influence peddling and corruption in Albany.

Tisch should be first on the list for a subpoena, followed by King and Steiner, all of the Regents Fellows and every company and non-profit that provided the cash to hire these people.

Here's a list of the contributors to the Regents Fellows fund:

Regents Research Fund contributors
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $3.3 million
James S. and Merryl H. Tisch Fund $400,000 (draw-down on $1 million commitment)
Leona and Harry Helmsley Charity $3.83 million
Amy and Larry Robbins Foundation $500,000
Tortora Silicox Family Foundation $975,000
GE Foundation $3.5 million
Ford Foundation $788,000
Carnegie Corp. $1.2 million
Tiger Foundation $560,000
Robin Hood Foundation $600,000
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation $900,000

Doubtful Sheriff Andy or his merry Morelanders will want subpoenas sent to investigate this blatant corruption at the Board of Regents and NYSED.

But if we lived in a real democracy instead of a corrupt corporatocracy, you can bet it would be investigated.


  1. And how close is she to Joel Klein who walked Microsoft through what was one of the lamest anti-trust prosecution in a century?

    Let's see her and her hubby's portfolios.
    Watergate hearings, now!

    1. Tisch's relationships are awe inspiring. In the same 2009 Times article, we learned that, "She has enjoyed a decades-long friendship with her Upper East Side neighbor Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. She has celebrated Passover Seders with Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein. She counts among her closest friends Iris Weinshall, the wife of Senator Charles E. Schumer."

  2. Check out this Regent Fellow telling the Buffalo Schools Superintendent and the Teacher Union President that their APPR agreement is being voided and threatening them both with massive loss of funding. Seems a bit over empowered for a humble fellow no??