Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Makes Incoherent Statement Defending Common Core

On the heels of John King calling critics to the Common Core "special interests" and Arne Duncan insulting critics to the Common Core of being "white suburban moms" who are mad because their kids aren't "as brilliant as they thought" comes this doozy from Bloomberg:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn't understand what all the fuss is about over Common Core, the more rigorous national standards that aim to boost college- and career-readiness, and whose implementation in New York State has engendered controversy among parents and teachers.

"It's too hard for your kid, lady?" said the mayor, during his regular Friday morning appearance on the John Gambling radio show. "Think about what they’re gonna do if they can’t get a job. That's hard. And people say, 'Well, we test them too much.' Life is full of tests and you're gonna be tested all your life."

"Kids gotta decide, do you hang out with that bad guy that might have a gun," he went on. "Do you get in the car after you’ve had a couple of drinks, or even if you’re not driving but maybe the driver has. Pregnancy, teeange pregnancy. There are a lot of things that you have tests on. Tests on whether you read or write isn’t exactly onerous and that’s the kind of pain you gotta go through if you want to have a future."

More and more, Bloomberg makes these statements that make you shake your head and wonder when they'll announce publicly that he has dementia.

I dunno what teen pregnancy or hanging out "with that bad guy that might have a gun" has to do with the Common Core or the Common Core tests, and to be frank, Bloomberg doesn't make such a great job of connecting these strings of delusion together into anything coherent.

If Bloomberg's radio show statement was a Common Core argumentative essay assessment, the kind so many kids are asked to write every week in every class under the Common Core, it would receive a failing grade for coherence, focus, supporting evidence and and analysis.

Life is full of "tests" - that's what he's saying.

But you know, sometimes the "tests" in life are stupid and pointless and the way you pass those "tests" is pointing out how stupid and pointless these tests are and making them go away.


  1. If many of tough guy Bloomie's Wall St.,buddies were "tested" ...they'd all be in jail ...

    1. Same goes for the outside consultants and contractors Bloomie hired. A couple of them got convicted for CityTime this week - but that's just the drop in the corruption bucket.

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