Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Frank Bruni LOVED "Won't Back Down"

NY Times restaurant critic/columnist Frank Bruni has some propaganda piece out about the Common Core State (sic) Standards that equates opponents of the standards as purveyors of the self-esteem movement in which every child is a winner and everyone gets a trophy no matter how they do in life's competition.

Alas, before we take anything Bruni writes seriously, let us remember how much he enjoyed the propaganda film "Won't Back Down" last year (see here and here for my take on that.)

Other critics did not take to "Won't Back Down" the way Bruni did.

Bruni's take on the Common Core State (sic) Standards is no better informed this his movie review of "Won't Back Down."

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  1. Frank Bruni should stick to food writing. I love it when folks with absolutely no understanding of a specific subject suddenly become 'expert' editorial commentators. Mr. Bruni - go back in the kitchen and focus on what you know best ... baloney!