Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Reformers Play The Race Here In New York State

On the heels of Arne Duncan saying Common Core opponents are simply white suburban mothers who have found out their children are not "as brilliant as they thought" comes this doozy in the NY Times:

Some of Dr. King’s supporters blame teachers’ unions for whipping up some of the emotion. Timothy Daly, the president of the New Teacher Project, a group focused on teacher effectiveness and aligned with the reform movement, said that public displays of aggression toward Dr. King were political tactics that should be cause for concern. 

“This is the first African-American leader of the State Education Department,” he said. “And to watch him be shouted at and insulted by largely white audiences in the suburbs is discomforting and it is jarring that, not only has it happened, but it has happened repeatedly.”

Have you got that, folks?

Tim Daly says if you're criticizing Commissioner King over his education reform agenda, it's because you're a bigot and a racist.

King tells the Times that he doesn't believe racism is behind the criticism.

For once, Commissioner King gets something right.

Regents Chancellor Tisch is getting as much abuse as King is, and last time I looked, she was a rich white woman who lives in a mansion on Bloomberg's block.

Racism has nothing to do with the opposition King is facing over his reform agenda.

His reform agenda is the problem, not his race.


  1. It's the fact that King and his agenda are clearly lacking in the content of their character that's pissing everyone off. First it was Regentus Flatulentus Bob Bennett crying race card after the smackdown in Spackenkill and now this neoliberal wanker is trying it again. These are desperate people.

  2. Cross tobs of polling are interesting. Polling shows upstate more strongly opposed to Common Core--also shows interesting differences based upon is clear now that upstate and suburbs have stronger reservations. Time to push for opposition to emerge in the city in advance of King John's appearances in urban locations.

  3. This is a rebellion like no other. You are right--even the controlled media has been unable to ignore it. Already, heavily funded politicians are falling--and that is scaring the others.

    This is a rebellion--that if successful--will go down in history as another war for independence--a war for independence of the people and their children. The people of this country and education have been pushed down by special interest owned politicians who have now attacked their children's right to an education--and education not bought by big business and their ineffective attempts at "worker creating" curriculum.
    Common Core was a covert operation by Gates, Pearson (who started buying out smaller companies in advance of the takeover), fat media bosses, ignorant and easily controlled appointees like Duncan and King, bought off union leaders, expensive and ineffective test makers, and others who thought the public asleep and unaware of what was happening. They were. Just think, if this group--illegally ignoring the Constitution of the US and salivating with dollar signs in their eyes at education tax money--if they had not rushed in with such ineffective haste and incompetent curriculum--they could have effectively taken over education (without awareness) and continue to use the tax dollars of hard working Americans to line their pockets.

    Pearson is a monopoly and should be broken up immediately.

    The way Common Core was overtly pushed down the throats of Americans is inexcusable. As Americans, we need to get the politicians out of office who allowed this to happen.

    I remember the end of the movie Tora, Tora,Tora when Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, realizing that they had bombed Pearl Harbor without a declaration of war, "I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

    Arnie Duncan needs to be kicked out of office. We now can see how incompetent he really is. He would put our children in school for twelve hours a day, six or seven days a week. Don't believe it? Research some of his videos.
    He has made a terrible mistake when he insulted women--and all mothers and their protective love of their children. He effectively bombed another Pearl Harbor, and I hope the giant kicks his ineffective little butt.

    Thanks so much for this blog and letting me sound out my frustration.