Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cuomo Let Gas Company Write Safety Regulations

Sheriff Andy, the lobbyist for students, turns out to also be the lobbyist for the gas companies:

ALBANY—A company that helped the Cuomo administration formulate new safety regulations for the liquefied natural gas industry stands to profit from the changes it recommended.

Expansion Energy, which develops mobile storage facilities for liquefied natural gas, was hired by the state to study the possible distribution, storage and transportation of the gas. Expansion Energy's 2011 study is the only one cited by the state Department of Environmental Conversation in its recent review of the proposed regulations allowing for the construction of new L.N.G. facilities, which were banned in New York after a 1973 explosion at a Staten Island plant killed 40 people.

Russ Haven, legislative counsel for the New York Public Interest Research Group, questions the reliance for advice on safety regulations from a company that stands to benefit from loosening them.
“The public relies on a government whose judgment is not clouded by self-interest,” Haven said. “That hasn't happened here.”

Classic Sheriff Andy - I wonder if Expansion Energy or a subsidiary donated to his Committee To Save New York fund?


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