Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, November 25, 2013

Governor Cuomo Must Be Called To Account For The Corruption At SED, Board Of Regents

The bombshell report in the Times-Union that private employees, paid for by the Gates Foundation and other corporate funds, are running NYSED, implementing policy and ordering around the state employees to do their bidding, has already led me to call for Regents Chancellor Tisch and NYSED Commissioner King to be forced from power.

Tisch supplied the first $1 million in grant money to hire the private employees and set SED on the road to permanent privatization.

King helped devise the privatization scheme as then-SED Commissioner Steiner's deputy commissioner, and thus he must be brought to account and stripped of power too.

Former NYSED Commissioner Steiner, accused in the past of taking bribes from Pearson in the form of overseas junkets, should be brought to account for these actions as well.

But Governor Andrew Cuomo has a lot of explaining to do over this scheme - and he had better start doing that explaining soon.

Cuomo has been trying to distance himself from the state reform agenda recently as a result of widespread and growing criticism, but he cannot distance himself from the handing over of the state's education department and education policy to Gates Foundation employees paid for on the private dime from the coffers of corporate entities and hedge funds.

This Regents Fellows scandal stinks to high heaven of the worst corruption possible.

Cuomo must answer how the State Education Department and its education policy making has been handed over to the Gates Foundation.

One thing we know now for why King and Tisch refuse to drop out out inBloom or slow down the Common Core reforms.

Because the Gates Foundation doesn't want the state to drop out of inBloom or slow down the Common Core reforms and the Gates Foundation is literally running policy in the state.


  1. Absolutely, Cuomo must be held accountable!

    An excellent column in the Times-Union, pinning Cuomo to the ed decisions and connections that he's trying to run from-

    When asked about the growing call for Education Commissioner John King's resignation, Cuomo stated, "No, I don't think he should resign. I don't think it's my place to decide if he should resign or if he should stay. It's not my place. I don't appoint him as you know."

    This seems different from two years ago, when he wrote Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch and suggested changes:

    "Impose rigorous classroom observation and other subjective measure standards...

    "Require a positive teacher evaluation rating be given only when the teacher receives a combined positive rating on both subjective and objective measures...

    "Accelerate the implementation of the evaluation system...

    "Impose additional standards on school districts... to make evaluations more rigorous...

    "We must make sure that school districts begin the process in an expeditious manner...

    "My administration will aggressively seek to incentivize school districts to implement the evaluation system expeditiously...

    "School districts would potentially lose millions of dollars on state awards for failure to implement the system quickly."

    The full letter can be accessed at:

    It appears Mr. Cuomo has a lot to say on this. Perhaps he should be held accountable, too.

    Tim Farley lives in Kinderhook.

  2. Questions for RBE,

    Were any laws broken? Is "The Meryl" and "The King" likely facing prosecution for corrupt practices? ...influence peddling?.....

    What are their legal liabilities for this activity?

    What role did "The Andrew" play in this? Is the UFT and AFT also on the Gates anti-union payroll?

    1. I suspect they are not facing dismissal, criminal charges or even questioning via the Moreland Commission. But they should be facing all three. Alas, we live in a criminal corporatocracy.

  3. "Ah, what a wicked web we weave when we first practice to deceive." What will be "The Andrew's" next move? The legislature's? I'm still shocked that the TU printed this article. I always thought those Regents fellows had a certain stench about them.

    1. Blatant corruption. Yet so far, little clamor over it outside of the twitterverse/blogosphere.