Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cuomo Says Common Core Standards Are A "National Curriculum"

You know, in the all the fun yesterday with Cuomo saying he was open to legislative fixes on Common Core but he was powerless to do anything about that because he's just, you know, a little ol' governor, I managed to miss this important part of the story:

A commenter at Capital NY puts Cuomo's goof in perspective for us:

Wait..did he say "National Curriculum"??? National??? Um..Governor Cuomo I thought they were just "standards" because it is illegal for the federal Government create or mandate curriculum of any kind..isn't that correct Governor??!!

The other ed deformers, including John King, fall all over themselves to say these are "state standards," not a curriculum and certainly not a national curriculum since as the commenter at Capital NY noted, a national curriculum is illegal.

But cowardly Cuomo, ever slippery and sneaky, is trying to make believe he had nothing to do with the Common Core State (sic) Standards winding up as the state standards here in NY, nothing to do with tying the state tests to the standards and nothing to do with evaluating teachers based upon test scores from the tests based on those state standards.

Thus he calls it a "national curriculum."

You fool nobody, Sheriff Andy.



  1. The data in this essay shows how ridiculous Bush's attack really is:

    1. Jeb Bush makes a lot of money from these reforms. His brother Neil is in the reform business as well. That's what they care about. Cynical but true.

  2. Very interesting. The subtext is that this issue is gaining a lot of traction and that Sheriff Andy is finally waking up.

    You wonder if voters are reading through the tea leaves that if they want to shed King Common Core that voting against Cuomo alone won't do it, that it will take a general mobilization vs. the local reps in the state house to get King out.
    Nice to read that he's finally smelling that the Common Core coffee is too bite.
    Gov. Cuomo calls transition to Common Core curriculum ‘problematic’ in parts

    Read more:

    1. He's making believe he never heard of the thing until Steiner, King and Tisch pushed it on him. He's a phony, but he isn't going to get away with it. He was too loud in his reform agenda to get away with it.

  3. Replies
    1. Actually the commenter at Capital NY caught the reference, then Lisa Fleischer publicized it through Twitter. But it's an important point to get out there, especially since all the other deformers run from it - oh, no, these are state standards, not a curriculum, etc. Sheriff Andy threw all of that under the bus to save himself.