Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Children Have Only One Childhood

A commenter at a discussion on the Common Core reforms at Comsewogue High School:

9:02 p.m. -- Trustee Alexandra Gordon head to the podium to speak about her experiences with common core. "Our kids only have one childhood and if we don't act for them or if we don't advocate for them who knows whats going to come down the pike next," said Gordon. "

John King has his children enjoying their childhood in a Montessori school.

Don't let him take the childhood away from your children with his Common Core drudge work or his imposed test anxiety.

And we can take back these mandates.  Here is PJS union head Beth Dimino:

8:51 p.m. -- "The schools are not a thing. We are the schools. This man is not the assembly. We are the assembly. What we have done is we have given over out power to people that we thought was going to be mindful, respectful and trustworthy with our children and they are not," said Dimino. "We are just not going to let it happen any more."

That's exactly right.


  1. I was wondering about Cuomo's backing away from ed issues and Rahm coming to NY to meet with deblasio......the WH is under fire now by many Democrats that they can't afford another legacy agenda--RTTT and CC--to also come under attack. I am hoping de Blasio will be above this, but I suspect a Clinton connection pushing him as well.

    1. Since the Rahm meeting and some nice comments de Blasio had to say about Rahmbo being a great mayor the day after that meeting, I have seen nothing from de Blasio that makes me more concerned than I was during Operation Rahmbo. There are no red flags in his transition team that I can see. Let's see who he picks for chancellor, for commissioner, etc. But yeah, he is a Clintonista, he is a modern Dem, meaning he came of age during the DLC Era. So there's always that. But we'll see.